Warm, reliable propane for your home

Farmers Co-op Elevator offers propane sales and service throughout its trade territory. We deliver to homes and businesses, and we fill cylinders at our Levelland location (20-, 30-, 50- and up to 100-pound bottles, plus forklift cylinders). 
When you initiate service with us, you can either call in for delivery or be placed on a service route where we’ll keep your tank full when it needs it.  
We also rent and set tanks for customers, and we do pressure checks and routine maintenance as needed.  

Initiating Service

There are a few simple steps to follow to start your propane service:

    • Complete an application.
    • Once processed, we’ll need to know if your tank is owned or leased. For new service, we may need to arrange to get a tank set. We do lease tanks if you need one.
    • If you own your tank, we will conduct a leak check before the first fill as a safety procedure and make sure it’s up to Texas code.
    • Finally, decide how you would like delivery – on a route to keep your tank full or call in as needed. Ask about discounts for route deliveries.


Safety is our top priority. If you smell propane, then there are certain steps that need to be taken.  

  • Leave the house.
  • Call for service from an outside line.
  • Don’t touch switches or anything electrical that could create a spark in the house.
  • Shut gas off at the LP tank if you are comfortable doing so.
  • Call Farmers Co-op and someone will be sent out as soon as possible.